Frequently Asked Questions I Receive about Intuitive Readings:

Do I have to have a specific question to receive a reading?

Not at all.  I can start by simply taking a look at your overall energy and communicating to you what you are showing me.  This is often a great way to start, as it often leads us to more specific topic or questions on which you would like more in depth communication.  So whether you have a specific question or not, if you feel like you could use some spirit to spirit communication, that is when you are ready for a reading.

What is a intuitive reading?

During a intuitive reading, I provide spirit to spirit communication about your present time energy. This reading can provide you with new information, confirm information you already know, and remind you of old information you have forgotten.

This style of reading is empowering! A reading increases your awareness of your current experience, allowing you to more confidently make choices about your life.

Can you predict my future?

During a reading I may communicate to you the direction your present-time energy is heading.  This validates you and allows you to move forward with conscious awareness of the directions you are leaning energetically.

Of course, there are countless variables that play a role in your life every day, every hour, even every minute.  You choose how you respond to these variables. There is no energy more powerful than your intention, so ultimately you choose your future.

Can you tell me about other people?

I could tell you about other people, but just as I will respect your privacy should someone else ask about you, I will respect theirs.  I will share with you how you are relating with someone else energetically and how this relationship is affecting you.  Often times, that is the real question you have in the first place.

Who gets intuitive readings?

People from all walks of life are interested in being more aware of what is going on in their lives energetically.  Some simply want to experience a reading to find out what it is like; others have specific events or experiences they want to explore.  Some are looking to gain more awareness and clarity as they approach choices in their lives, or are looking to heal emotionally or spiritually.

The best time to seek intuitive guidance is when it feels right to you.  Trust yourself!  Your brain may not be about to rationalize it, so let your feelings be your compass.  You may be surprised at what treasures await you.

How often should I get a reading?

How often you receive intuitive reading is a personal decision.  Some clients feel guided to receive counseling every week or more.  While others feel monthly, quarterly or even yearly communication serves them best.

Trust your instincts about this.  I suggest you give yourself some time after a reading to observe how you have integrated this information you received into your life.

If after this observation, if you feel additional communication would be helpful, trust your instincts and act accordingly.

How do you read me over the phone?

Since I am reading your energy and not your physical form, it is actually not essential for you to be sitting in front of me to read your energy.

It may be more comfortable for you to receive a reading over the phone since it eliminates any mental chatter that may try to invalidate the communication you are receiving with thoughts like, “He is just making that association based on how you look or how you are reacting.”  This can allow you to be more open to the communication you receive.

Can you cure my disease?

Because I am not a doctor, my readings and healings are not  intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent physical illness or disease. I do not offer physical healing but rather energetic communication that can bring about energetic healing. I believe that changes in your energy do effect your body, however an energy healing is no substitute for seeking professional medical advice. If you have a health condition which concerns you, please see a medical professional.

What kind of readings do you offer?

I offer intuitive readings on many subjects. Common reading requests include Relationships and Love; Career, Business, and Money; Spiritual Counseling and Healing; Past Lives; House and business readings and healings.

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